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Looking for the best egg prices? Look no further than, the ultimate destination to compare egg prices across different zones, states, and cities. With egg prices skyrocketing in recent months, consumers are scrambling to find ways to save money on this essential item. Luckily, this website has got you covered.

Stay up to date with NECC Egg Rate Today, ranging from ₹4.5 to ₹7. Our website provides daily updates on egg prices based on state and location. Find the current egg rate today, whether you're in Barwala, Namakkal, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ajmer, Delhi, Papaak, Pune, Mumbai, Raipur, Punjab, or Kolkata. We understand that egg rates in India fluctuate on a daily basis, and that's why we ensure you have access to the latest information. Discover the mandi rate of 1 tray egg and 1 peti egg across major cities and markets in India right here on

Whether you're searching for egg prices by state, city, zone, or region, this user-friendly website allows you to easily navigate and find the best deals. Did you know that India is the third largest producer of eggs globally? With a daily production of approximately 22 crore table eggs, the Indian layer industry is booming, growing at an impressive rate of 8-10% per annum. However, despite the significant production, India's per capita consumption of eggs is only 60, compared to 290 and 300 in the United States and China, respectively.

Egg Rate Today not only helps you save money but also promotes health awareness. Human nutritionists recommend a consumption of 180 eggs per person per year, highlighting the potential for growth in the Indian layer industry. When it comes to production, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana lead the way, while Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, and Bihar are considered major egg-consuming states.

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StateMin. PriceMax. Price
100 Pcs1 Pc12 Pcs100 Pcs1 Pc12 Pcs
Egg Price Today in Andaman and Nicobar Islands Rs. 717 Rs. 7.17 Rs. 86.04 Rs. 717 Rs. 7.17 Rs. 86.04
Egg Price Today in Andhra Pradesh Rs. 515 Rs. 5.15 Rs. 61.80 Rs. 714 Rs. 7.14 Rs. 85.68
Egg Price Today in Arunachal Pradesh Rs. 753 Rs. 7.53 Rs. 90.36 Rs. 766 Rs. 7.66 Rs. 91.92
Egg Price Today in Assam Rs. 613 Rs. 6.13 Rs. 73.56 Rs. 761 Rs. 7.61 Rs. 91.32
Egg Price Today in Bihar Rs. 493 Rs. 4.93 Rs. 59.16 Rs. 624 Rs. 6.24 Rs. 74.88
Egg Price Today in Chandigarh Rs. 741 Rs. 7.41 Rs. 88.92 Rs. 741 Rs. 7.41 Rs. 88.92
Egg Price Today in Chhattisgarh Rs. 507 Rs. 5.07 Rs. 60.84 Rs. 631 Rs. 6.31 Rs. 75.72
Egg Price Today in Dadra and Nagar Haveli Rs. 797 Rs. 7.97 Rs. 95.64 Rs. 797 Rs. 7.97 Rs. 95.64
Egg Price Today in Delhi Rs. 505 Rs. 5.05 Rs. 60.60 Rs. 522 Rs. 5.22 Rs. 62.64
Egg Price Today in Goa Rs. 708 Rs. 7.08 Rs. 84.96 Rs. 798 Rs. 7.98 Rs. 95.76
Egg Price Today in Gujarat Rs. 533 Rs. 5.33 Rs. 63.96 Rs. 656 Rs. 6.56 Rs. 78.72
Egg Price Today in Haryana Rs. 435 Rs. 4.35 Rs. 52.20 Rs. 550 Rs. 5.50 Rs. 66.00
Egg Price Today in Himachal Pradesh Rs. 571 Rs. 5.71 Rs. 68.52 Rs. 666 Rs. 6.66 Rs. 79.92
Egg Price Today in Jammu and Kashmir Rs. 580 Rs. 5.80 Rs. 69.60 Rs. 666 Rs. 6.66 Rs. 79.92
Egg Price Today in Jharkhand Rs. 495 Rs. 4.95 Rs. 59.40 Rs. 625 Rs. 6.25 Rs. 75.00
Egg Price Today in Karnataka Rs. 515 Rs. 5.15 Rs. 61.80 Rs. 688 Rs. 6.88 Rs. 82.56
Egg Price Today in Kerala Rs. 700 Rs. 7.00 Rs. 84.00 Rs. 824 Rs. 8.24 Rs. 98.88
Egg Price Today in Madhya Pradesh Rs. 510 Rs. 5.10 Rs. 61.20 Rs. 635 Rs. 6.35 Rs. 76.20
Egg Price Today in Maharashtra Rs. 560 Rs. 5.60 Rs. 67.20 Rs. 690 Rs. 6.90 Rs. 82.80
Egg Price Today in Manipur Rs. 699 Rs. 6.99 Rs. 83.88 Rs. 746 Rs. 7.46 Rs. 89.52
Egg Price Today in Meghalaya Rs. 710 Rs. 7.10 Rs. 85.20 Rs. 724 Rs. 7.24 Rs. 86.88
Egg Price Today in Mizoram Rs. 741 Rs. 7.41 Rs. 88.92 Rs. 780 Rs. 7.80 Rs. 93.60
Egg Price Today in Nagaland Rs. 738 Rs. 7.38 Rs. 88.56 Rs. 808 Rs. 8.08 Rs. 96.96
Egg Price Today in Odisha Rs. 491 Rs. 4.91 Rs. 58.92 Rs. 600 Rs. 6.00 Rs. 72.00
Egg Price Today in Puducherry Rs. 703 Rs. 7.03 Rs. 84.36 Rs. 768 Rs. 7.68 Rs. 92.16
Egg Price Today in Punjab Rs. 427 Rs. 4.27 Rs. 51.24 Rs. 552 Rs. 5.52 Rs. 66.24
Egg Price Today in Rajasthan Rs. 453 Rs. 4.53 Rs. 54.36 Rs. 587 Rs. 5.87 Rs. 70.44
Egg Price Today in Tamil Nadu Rs. 515 Rs. 5.15 Rs. 61.80 Rs. 710 Rs. 7.10 Rs. 85.20
Egg Price Today in Telangana Rs. 486 Rs. 4.86 Rs. 58.32 Rs. 601 Rs. 6.01 Rs. 72.12
Egg Price Today in Tripura Rs. 711 Rs. 7.11 Rs. 85.32 Rs. 793 Rs. 7.93 Rs. 95.16
Egg Price Today in Uttar Pradesh Rs. 510 Rs. 5.10 Rs. 61.20 Rs. 639 Rs. 6.39 Rs. 76.68
Egg Price Today in Uttarakhand Rs. 632 Rs. 6.32 Rs. 75.84 Rs. 734 Rs. 7.34 Rs. 88.08
Egg Price Today in West Bengal Rs. 521 Rs. 5.21 Rs. 62.52 Rs. 646 Rs. 6.46 Rs. 77.52

Egg Daily, Weekly and Monthly Prices

In India, eggs hold a special place in our hearts, making the country the world's third-largest player in the layer industry. The daily egg rate serves as a vital indicator for both consumers and producers in the egg market. This rate refers to the current price of eggs, which can vary due to factors like supply and demand, weather conditions, and transportation costs. For retailers and distributors, wholesale egg prices are of utmost importance as they determine the cost of acquiring eggs in bulk.

Over the years, wholesale egg rates in India have witnessed an upward trend due to various factors. One significant factor is the increase in feed costs. The prices of corn and soybeans, key ingredients in chicken feed, have risen significantly, posing a major expense for egg producers.

Given the dynamic nature of the egg market, it becomes crucial for consumers to stay informed about the prevailing egg rate and wholesale egg prices. Such awareness enables them to make well-informed purchasing decisions. Simultaneously, farmers and egg producers can benefit from monitoring the daily and monthly egg rates, allowing them to make better decisions regarding their production and pricing strategies.

At, we understand the significance of staying updated with egg rates. That's why we provide daily and monthly egg rates from different zones, states, and cities, facilitating easy price comparisons. Whether you're a farmer seeking to sell your eggs or a consumer in search of the best deals, our website is your ultimate source for the most accurate and up-to-date egg rate information. Explore the price of 1 tray of eggs or discover the cost of a single peti egg today. With our comprehensive egg pricing data, you can access the live NECC egg rate effortlessly.

Average Egg Price Today () in the Indian Market

NECC Egg Rate TodayRs.427 - Rs. 824
Super Market Egg Rate TodayRs.469 - Rs. 865
Street Vendors Egg Rate TodayRs.437 - Rs. 834
Wholesale Market Egg Rate TodayRs.421 - Rs. 820
Retail Market Rate TodayRs.433 - Rs. 830

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